Z. Mark Hongs, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehab Center

68 Ambrogio Drive, Suite 103
Gurnee, IL 60031

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Z. Mark Hongs, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehab Center in Gurnee, IL

(847) 244-0401

Out Patient Physical Therapy includes treatments for:
- Neck and back pain
- Pain from bone, muscle, and nerve
- Sprains and swollen muscles
- Achilles tendon injuries, pain along shin bone, and dislocations
- Work and auto injuries
- Herniated disc, Sciatica, Post Laminectomy, and spinal fusion
- Arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries, frozen shoulder, and Tennis elbow
- Post Orthopedic Surgery (fracture, hip pinning, and Arthroplasty)
- Stroke, head injury, and Post Craniotomy
- Neurological condition, Carpel Tunnel, Facial (Bell's) Palsy, and nerve injuries
- Rehabilitation for amputation and prosthesis

Hospital Inpatient Therapy includes treatments for:

- Stroke, head injuries, and Post Craniotomy
- Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
- Amputation
- Post Orthopedic surgery
- General reconditioning from chronic illness

Acupuncture: Acupuncture service is limited to muscle, nerve, and bone.